Spent Some Time at the Saw Vise

Spring is here!  Most of the snow is gone, the geese are back, and the weather has been beautiful.  Almost 60 degrees here on Sunday, much too nice to work in the shop, so I drug the saw vise outside.  Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may remember the great Acme saw vise score last year.  Well, I took one of the pedestals from one of the free-standing machines, cut it down to a comfortable height and mounted a vise.  This is the first time I have used this setup and I must say it is so much more comfortable than sharpening on the bench.  The natural light outside makes a world of difference too, especially in seeing the light reflection of the flats from jointing.



The pedestal actually serves double duty as my grinder stand.  I can remove the saw vise and mount my grinder on there.  It makes a heck of a grinder stand, that pedestal must weigh close to 100lbs.

That’s a Disston #7 rip saw in the vise.  It was the first saw I ever sharpened a few years ago.  After finishing it up tonight and making a few test cuts, I realized my sharpening skills have taken a huge leap forward!!

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Treadle Power

I picked a neat little treadle powered scroll saw up yesterday.  Saw it advertised on Craigslist.  There is a sticker on it that says “Made in England by Peter Gee Products”  I haven’t been able to find out much about it, but it does look exactly like a Hobbies Brand I found on the interewebs.  I don’t think this was a high-end product when it was made, but I think it will be fun to play with. All the parts are there and it seems to work ok.  I don’t have any scroll saw blades, so I knocked the pins out of a coping saw blade and tried it out.  It cut fine in really thin stock, but struggled in thicker stuff.  I think a proper blade would help, and a more coordinated operator would probably go a long way too.  This thing is going to take some practice!!!  Sort of like chewing gum and riding a bicycle.

Our local woodworking club, Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association has a scroll saw group.  I think I’ll bring it to the next scroll jam meeting. Most of those old boys think I’m half crazy anyway, this should seal the deal!




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Welcome to the New Alaska Woodworker Blog

When I started the Alaska Woodworker blog back in November 2012, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy blogging or if anyone would actually enjoy reading my blathering.   Well after 16 months, 109 posts, 95 followers, and almost 42,000 views from 100 countries, I find that I enjoy sharing my woodworking adventures, and more importantly folks enjoy reading about them.  So I bit the bullet so to speak and purchased a domain name (www.alaskawoodworker.com) and some space on a shared server.  Getting away from the free WordPress blog, eliminates the ads, and provides for more flexibility and capability in creating a website.  I plan to expand the offerings here a bit by hosting a large collection of old tool catalog scans which will be available for free download as PDF files.  I’ll share more info on this in the coming days.

I know I haven’t been too active recently, but it’s not for lack of woodworking, just lack of woodworking in my own shop.  My friend Bill and I have been leading the charge to build 13 new workbenches for our club, Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association in anticipation for a visit from Chris Schwarz, who will be arriving in 11 days.  I’ll definitely be blogging about the class I will be taking!  The good news is we only have 4 more bench tops to flatten!!!

Just to stay on topic, here is Keta the shop dog and I trimming a leg vise to length this morning.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that saws are Keta’s favorite tool.  She just waits for the off cut to hit the floor, and then she is a happy camper with something to chew on.  It’s not a very flattering picture, and I think my friend Todd took it just to show me my bald spot!


Photo by Todd M.

So, welcome to the new AlaskaWoodWorker.com blog.  Comments, critiques, and suggestion are always welcome.  Please don’t forget to update your subscription to the new blog.  I will set the forwarder on the old blog site (AlaskaWoodWorker.wordpress.com) to send visitors here.

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A Glue Scraper with Authority!

As part of Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association, several folks and I have been working on new club workbenches.  We glued the tops up into two 11″ wide sections, jointed, planed and then glued the two sections into a complete top.  In preparation for final flattening, we were scraping glue squeeze out today.  My friend Bill, proprietor of Alaska WoodCrafters brought his glue scraper to the party today.  This is the best glue scraper I have ever used!


It’s an old blade from an industrial wood chipper.  That sucker must weigh 5 lbs!



My friend Bill wielding his big bad glue scraper.

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Now That’s a Screw!

I stumbled on this bad boy in an antique shop in New Oxford, Pa  on my recent trip.  It looks like a leg vise, but the parallel guide only has two holes.  I bet it would make a great leg vise.  That screw must be close to 2 & 3/4″.  I was sorely tempted,  but with no plans for another workbench build in the near future and the $115.00 price tag, I walked on by.   If anyone is tempted, I don’t remember the name of the shop, but its the old barn on the North side of Route 30, in New Oxford.  Sorry for the poor cell phone photos.

That's my shoe for size reference

That’s my shoe for size reference


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