Wood is Good For Your Body and Brain!

“Exposure to wooden furniture and fittings has real and measurable health and well being benefits.”   Of course as woodworkers we all know this.  “These benefits are outlined in a new report launched by Planet Ark’s Make it Wood campaign in the lead up to World Wood Day.”

You can download and read the report here.

“The use of wood in the interior of a building has clear physiological and psychological benefits that mimic the effect of spending time outside in nature.  The feelings of natural warmth and comfort that wood elicits in people has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rates, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing positive social interactions and improving corporate image.”



The Finished Panel Saw

I finished it up a while back, but just got it sharpened last weekend.  It has a 24″ .032″ thick plate toothed at 8ppi.  The handle is based on a Disston #16 in Honduran Mahogany that I scaled down a bit.  The saw nuts are salvaged from a junker.  I sharpened it with 12 degrees of rake and 20 degrees of fleam and and added a bit more set that I normally would do to the un-tapered plate.  It cuts great, but I haven’t used it enough to decide if I can notice a difference between a tapered and this un-tapered plate.  Parts one and two of the build were posted earlier.



Next up is a rip configuration, and then I hope to get some .042 steel and make a pair of full size saws.  I’m also researching methods to add an etch to the plate.  If anyone has done this, I’m all ears.

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A Thank You Card From Scout

Last week I mentioned giving a Post Office box door coin bank to a little girl named Scout.  I met Scout at the 2015 Artistry In Wood Show last month.  I was building the banks and she came and sat down to watch.  Here is a photo of the bank.


A received a thank you card from her in the mail today.  Here is a scan of the card!  She is a good artist!  She did a great job drawing the bank, she even drew in the miter splines!


scout 2-002


Thank You Scout!  I sure like the card.

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Woodworking is Easier Than……..

Woodworking is easier than sewing!!!!  I can rip a straight line in hard wood for as many feet as I need, but I can’t sew a straight line over six inches!!!!   I need some tool rolls for my carving tools, so I got the Wife’s sewing machine out.  I even read part of the instruction manual, but I don’t think it helped.  I thought the red thread would look cool on the blue fabric, and I think it would have it if I was at least a competent sewer.   Oh well, its functional, and it holds my new carving chisels for the 17th Century style box making class I’ll be taking with Peter Follansbee here in Anchorage next month!  I think that’s what’s known as a drive by gloat!



I stuffed some cotton balls into the bottom of each slot to keep the sharp edges from cutting through.  I don’t have problems with rust in my shop, as its so dry here, but I’ll keep an eye on them for a while.  I want to make sure that cotton doesn’t absorb any water and cause rust. Of course the fabric is all cotton, so maybe its a moot point.

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And the Moral of the Story is……

And the moral of the story is, don’t store all of your saw sets in the same drawer.  I was sharpening the panel saw I made and went for a saw set, but I couldn’t get the drawer open.  I cursed and pulled, and cursed some more.  At first I though the drawer sides must have swelled, but the humidity in the shop was 32%.  Must be something stuck in there.  I pried and pulled and cursed a bit more, and I finally got it open far enough to slip my phone inside and snap a photo.


Sure enough, that set is upside down and wedged in there.  So I made a little hook tool with a screw eye and stuck that in there, but no joy. I couldn’t budge it.


I thought about cutting the drawer face off, its one of my saw till drawers, so there were plenty of instruments of destruction staring at me.  After a little more cursing and pulling I finally got it open almost far enough to get a set out, but not quite.  Had to chamfer the inside of the drawer front with a chisel to make the opening wide enough. Now the drawer front looks like hell on the inside, but I got the other 4 sets out and then was able to grab the wedged one with the hook and knock it over.

That’s two hours of my life I would like to have back!!!  Perhaps the real moral of the story is that a guy doesn’t need 5 saw sets.  Wait, what the hell am I thinking, did I just say that on the internet!!!  You know what Ron Herman says, “the more tools you have the more problems you can solve”.  Maybe I’ll peruse e-bay for saw sets this evening!

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