It Took a While, But I Finished It

Many moons ago I started to build a 18th century style looking glass, but sort of got sidetracked so it sat on the bench for a while.  I finally got back to it and finished it up this week. I ended up using African mahogany, as I didn’t have any Honduran long enough for the moulding.  In trying to stay true to the original, I glued up a quarter sawn popular core and covered it with shop sawn veneer, using hot hide glue.  I actually did this twice, as the first panels warped badly, and never flattened out. The second time worked out much better.  To cut the scroll work, I whipped together a birds mouth fixture on an 8 degree slope which allowed me to put a back bevel bevel on.


After roughing out the scroll work I refined the shape with spoke shaves, chisels, gouges, rasps, and a bit of sandpaper.


I glued the scroll work to the popular sub-frame before gluing the moulding on. If I were to do it over again, I would have made the moulding 1/16″ larger than the popular sub-frame, and glued the on first, then the scroll work.  I added glue blocks per the original, but went with a 2 piece ship lapped back since I did not have any boards wide enough, and that was simpler than gluing up a panel.  I used cut nails to hold the back and glass in as the original also used nails.


The moulding was cut several months before the veneer, so it has darkened a bit more than.  Hopefully it will even out over time.   A couple of coats of dark garnet shellac and a bit of oil stain to hide the popular core, and I called it done. The perspective is off a bit as I took the photo from an angle to avoid the reflection.


I had planed to antique the mirror, but wasn’t been able to strip the protective coating off the back.  I did make up a furniture label and past it on the back.  I used an 18th century font, to give it a bit of character.


All in all. I’m pretty with it, but will probably make another as there are a few flaws that bug me, plus it was fun to make.

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