Rose Antique Tools – Old Tool Catalogs and Manuals

Many of you may remember the Rose Antique Tools website that was chock full of PDF scans of old tool catalogs.  Some time ago that website went off line.  There was a recent thread on Woodnet in the hand tools forum where Toby C. inquired if anyone knew what happened to the web site.  Much discussion ensued and Toby contacted Donna Rose Allen who had maintained the site and spent so much time scanning those old catalogs.  Donna indicated that she had to take the site offline and was not planning to reinstate it. As the files are still available from the Wayback Machine, I contacted Toby and suggested he ask Donna for permission to host her files on The Alaska Woodworker website.  So with Donna’s blessing and thanks to her love of old tools and all her hard work, her collection of old tool catalog scans in available here as well as a few other Woodnetters websites.

I want to thank Donna for allowing me to reproduce her work here on the Alaska Woodworker for woodworkers and tool collectors the world over to enjoy.

I also want to thank Mark Stansbury for burning all the bandwidth in downloading these files to disk and sending them my way.

This collection has grown beyond the Rose Tool catalogs with many additional items being added form various sources.   I have also added a few additional items that I have scanned.  If you have old tool catalogs or manuals (that are not copyrighted or are out of copyright) not posted here, and would like to share them with the word, please contact me.

For the sake of organization I have decided to create different pages for companies for which I have multiple files.  I will of course add a miscellaneous catalogs page to hold all the one offs.

All catalogs and manuals are downloadable as PDF files, so you will need Adobe Reader or another PDF reader to view them.

I have many files to add so this will be a work in progress over the next few weeks.  It all depends how much actual woodworking I squeeze in, so check back often.

Acme – Max Manufacturing

American Swiss File & Tool Company Catalogs

Black & Decker

Belknap Inc. – Bluegrass Tools

Disston Saw Catalogs and Literature Page

EC Atkins Saw Catalogs

Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, & Co Catalogs

James Swan Company

L & I. J. White Company

Keen Kutter Catalogs

Lufkin Catalogs

Melhuish Catalogs

Millers Falls Catalogs

North Brothers Mfg Co.

Stanley Tool Catalogs and Manuals Page

Starrett Catalogs


Miscellaneous Tool Catalogs

7 thoughts on “Rose Antique Tools – Old Tool Catalogs and Manuals

  1. I met Donna when I visited her tool barn out towards Gravette Arkansas some years back. I almost fell over when I went through the door and saw the thousands of antique woodworking tools on tables and shelves. And Donna knew the history of the tools and the manufacturers too. You should have seen this little slip of a girl demonstrate a plane… she could make strong men weep in shame; very impressive. Apparently, she’s closed it down now; what a great loss this is to woodworkers and collectors everywhere.

  2. Thank you for putting by his up this is the best place I have found to look up
    The old tools friends m the past ever time someone is looking for the histo of a old tool I send you site to em and we love it thanks

  3. This was the only place I could find any information, even a drawing, of an old Lufkin tape on a hardwood reel. Catalog 12 item 1576 thank you!

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