Spoon Carving with Peter – Day 2

Saturday was the second and last day of the spoon carving class.  I managed to destroy another blank or two, and got a bit frustrated, but in the end Peter helped me pull out a couple of half decent spoons.  It’s definitely not as easy as it looks, but it is fun and I learned a lot.  I even did a little more carving Saturday evening when I got home and a bit more this evening.  I’m going to keep at it, and see if I can’t improve a bit.  I got a copy of Peter’s video, so I will watch that and keep on carving.

I only got a right hand hook knife when I ordered tools, but my friend Dohnn had a left hand that he let me borrow in class.  It really helped with the hollowing so I think I will order one.  Looks like several of us from will class will put in an order with Robin Wood for some more tools.

Peter started class by giving us time to rough out a few more blanks.  He then roughed out and carved a spoon in about 30 minutes, and then turned us back to carving.  In the afternoon he demonstrated how to split a crook which I took some video of, but will have to do some editing before I can post it.  I have to at least cut out the part where he mentions owning a table saw at one time!  At the end of the day he covered chip carving and a bit more on sharpening.

Here are a few pictures of Peter working on Saturday.




Peter and I at the end of the day. I think a week in Alaska took its toll on him!

Peter and I at the end of the day. I think a week in Alaska took its toll on him!


Here is what I came away from class with. They aren’t pretty, but I had fun.


Here are a couple of shots of one that Peter gave to me. I love the asymmetrical shape.  Thanks Peter.  I hope you had a great time in Alaska!




If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Peter, just do it!  You wont regret it.

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